McDonald’s To Offer Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups For A Limited Time!

McDonald'sMcDonald’s Big Mac sauce is loved by many. A few years back, I wrote how a bottle of it sold for $96,000!

When I stop at McDonald’s for my kids, Lucas always asks to have Big Mac sauce added to his burger. McD’s charges a fee for a not so generous schmear of the sauce.

If you also like Big Mac sauce, I have some great news for you… For a limited time, McDonald’s will be offering Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups!

The cups will be available starting April 27.

According to a press release from the Golden Arches, “we’re dropping Big Mac sauce dip cups at participating restaurants across the U.S.

The dip cups will only be available for orders placed through the McDonalds App.

The packaging is pretty cool too. “The dipping cups feature retro blue and silver packaging inspired by the OG Big Mac sandwich wraps.”

We’re hoping to stock up on a bunch of these limited time sauces when they become available. Will you?

Find out more about this upcoming saucy release here.

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