World Hats

I love collecting local and traditional hats from places that I visit around the world.
On this page I am going to post pictures from the hats in my collection along with links to the story behind them.
1- Tarboosh (Fez)- Egypt
Find out about the tarboosh in my post: The Last Tarboosh (Fez Hat) Maker In Cairo

2-Traditonal Alpine Hat- AustriaCheck out Shop For A Hat, Get in the Local Paper to find out about when I bought my alpine hat

3- Hill Tribes Hat- ThailandRead about One of My Favorite Hats that I bought during a visit to the hill tribes

4- The Songkok- Malaysia

Find out about when I was Searching For A Songkok in Kuala Lumpur

5- Policia Nacional Helmet- ColombiaOur second visit did the trick. I got to buy An Awesome Souvenir in Bogota, Colombia.

6- Papakha Hat- Azerbiajan & GeorgiaFind out about how we went searching for a traditional Papakha Hat in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

7- Dhaka Topi- NepalCheck out this post about when I went searching for a traditional Dhaka Topi in Nepal.

4 thoughts on “World Hats

  1. Only 5 hats after all those countries you’ve visited? You went to Russia. Where is the famous Ushanka ? (Russian Black fur hat)

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