What Did We Try At McDonald’s The Netherlands

the NetherlandsLucas and I recently returned from our Father-Son Trip to the Netherlands.

During our visit, we based out of Amsterdam and spent a couple of days enjoying the city. We also took day trips to Utrecht and Haarlem. Both are easy day/ half-day trips from Amsterdam and well worth checking out.

Whenever we visit another country, we love checking out McDonald’s to see what locally inspired menu items are offered.a tray of fast food and a drinkWhile in the Netherlands, we ate at McD’s one time and found a couple of items of interest.

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s in the Netherlands.

McKroket:a white box with yellow and blue textKrokets are a very popular item in the Netherlands. Typically, they’re fried and look like a thick mozzarella stick. Crispy on the outside, krokets are creamy on the inside with small pieces of meat.

I was happy to see the McKroket on the menu.a chicken burger in a boxThe McKroket is technically a burger. We were hungry from a long day of wandering around Utrecht and couldn’t wait to give it a try.
a burger with butter on topThe McKroket has three ingredients- a bun, kroket patty and a special, somewhat sweet mustard.a close up of a sandwichFrom the first bite I was really impressed. The kroket was tangy and creamy inside with a nice, crispy outside. (Just be careful when you take a bite, the inside was very hot and it almost burnt my face!)

This is an item that I’d definitely buy again.

Homestyle Chicken Tenders:a box of fast foodWe also got an order of Homestyle Chicken Tenders. They looked very good when we opened the box.a box of fried foodLucas tried them first and said they were way too spicy. When I gave them a try, I found the tenders to be crispy with some tasty seasoning. I also liked that they didn’t feel greasy.

However, they were a bit spicier than I liked. If the heat level was toned down a bit, I feel that they’d be much better and more appealing to kids.

Chili Mayo:
a container of food with a sauce in itI ordered the Chili Mayo sauce to have with the chicken. It was creamy but spicy. This wasn’t the right sauce to use with the tenders.

I didn’t mind the sauce if I took a very small amount with each bite, but it isn’t a sauce I need to have again.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s in the Netherlands is worth visiting just to have a McKroket. I would’ve liked to have seen some other local items available on the menu. What can you do…  If I could recommend one item, I’d say that there should be a McStroopwafel offered.

Do you like to visit McD’s when you travel? If so, what are some of the favorite items you’ve tried?

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  1. You should try the fries sauce they sell at Dutch McDonald’s. It seems to be some strange green dill or mustard sauce, but its quite tasty. Its quite unlike anything I tasted before.

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