Find Out What We Tried During A Visit To McDonald’s Italy

McDonald’s ItalyDuring our month-long trip around the Balkans, we decided to make a slight detour to Italy for a day. The city of Trieste was very close to Slovenia so it was too hard to resist.

While Kim, Lucas and I had been to Italy multiple times, this would be Theo’s first time and his 40th country visited!

As we wandered around Trieste we came across a location of McDonald’s Italy so we had to stop in for a snack. (We also stopped by a McD’s the following morning to try some pastries for breakfast.)a fast food box and a small packageHere is what we tried at McDonald’s Italy:

Panzerotti:a collage of foodWhile I hoped to see pizza on the menu, it was awesome to see something similar, Panzerotti.

The order comes with two panzerotti. They were crispy and gooey inside with a good pizza flavor. The one negative was that they were a bit on the greasy side.

Regardless, they reminded me of pizza rolls you’d get in school and were very enjoyable. I’d definitely order these again.

McCrunchy Bread:a sandwich in a boxThe McCrunchy Bread is an English muffin with Nutella. They put a lot of Nutella inside and it was nice and warm.

While I’m not a big fan of Nutella, this was still very tasty. I only took one bite since I ordered this for my 9 year-old Lucas. (He loved it!)

Parmigiano Snack:a close up of foodThe Parmigiano Snack is not a McDonald’s branded item. It’s a single serving size chunk of delicious Parmigiano Reggiano.

The cheese was incredibly sharp and just outstanding. I’d love to see this offered at more McD’s.

Various Pastries:a plate of pastries on a wooden surface Treccia with Cream & Custard Croissant:a collage of pastries on a plateThe Treccia is best described as a braided or twisted pieces of dough. It was crispy and filled with a tasty cream. We really enjoyed this pastry.

The Custard Croissant was a bit disappointing. I’d consider it an OK croissant and the custard inside was nothing special. Oh well…

Marshmallow Donut & Chocolate Donut:a plate of donuts with a bite taken out of itI ordered the Marshmallow Donut for my kids. The donut had a fruity taste and I’d say it was a bit too sweet. My kids would probably disagree, they liked it!

The Chocolate Donut was much better. It had a tasty, rich chocolate coating and reminded me of an Entenmann’s donut. (I say that in a good way.)

Final Thoughts:

I would’ve liked to have seen McPizza or a McPasta dish on the menu, at least there was enjoyable panzerroti! Overall, McDonald’s Italy offered some tasty local menu items besides the usual McD’s offerings.

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