Did You Know About the McDonald’s McMansion on Long Island, NY?

McMansionMcDonald’s is a must- visit for me when checking out a new country but I rarely dine at the fast food chain while at home or traveling around the US.

I look forward to visiting McD’s when visiting new countries to see what interesting and different menu items might be available on the menu. (Scroll to the bottom for links to my reviews of various international McDonald’s.)

Around 4-5 years back I read about what might just be the fanciest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen. The McMansion was actually located close to home. We live in Brooklyn, NY and this fancy McD’s is located on Long Island.

Before going away on our month- long summer trip, Lucas, Theo and I headed to LI to check out the McMansion.a white building with cars parked in a parking lotAs I drove down Jericho Turnpike, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I’ve seen some awesome McDonald’s restaurants located in historical buildings around Europe, but I had never before seen one inside a mansion which was over 200 years old!a framed picture of a houseThe McD’s McMansion is located in the Denton House, in New Hyde Park, NY.

Wikipedia mentions that it was “built in 1795 as a farmhouse, it was converted in the 1860s to a Georgian-style mansion“.people in a fast food restaurantWhen we went inside this McD’s, we were equally impressed. The area where you order was as clean as can be. There was an employee stationed at the soda fountain area, constantly wiping it down.a group of people sitting on a bench in a buildingWhile looking for a table, I was really impressed with the double staircase which led to an upper dining area. It was roped off so I assumed that it was used for parties. (The location was very busy so I was surprised the second floor wasn’t open.)

Between the two staircase is a sign which says, Welcome to New Hyde Park McDonald’s Denton House. Nice touch!a room with tables and chairsThe building has lots of windows and beautiful wood floors. No, they’re not original or even very old. I read that the building was gutted on the inside and restored to how it looked (outside) in 1926.

Windows were added to the veranda during the renovation. I would’ve liked to have sat in this area but it was busy when we sat down to eat.a chair in a roomI also found the seats pretty different than the average McDonald’s. These chairs were pretty comfortable thanks to the padding on the seat. Fancy McD’s, fancy seating…a ceiling of a buildingWhile looking around and trying to see what was on the second floor, I noticed how the roof had exposed beams. I felt that it gave the inside an almost barn-like look.

Overall, you’re still dining at a McDonald’s. While there weren’t any added special menu items, the McMansion was still really cool to check out in person. It’s got to be one of the most unique locations out of the franchise’s (almost) 37,000 locations.

The McDonald’s McMansion/ Denton House is located at 2045 Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park, NY.

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7 thoughts on “Did You Know About the McDonald’s McMansion on Long Island, NY?

    1. Lots of McD’s there but nothing that would be classified as unique. In Buenos Aires its the pizza that’s sooo good! My favorite places are “El Cuartito”(get there well before 9:00PM or it’s a long line) and “Las Cuartetas”( cheese pie for two and a bottle of red house wine = $6.00 USD/135 ARS)! Both serve a pie with loads of sweet creamy mozzarella cheese and are quite filling. Definitely not a Brooklyn style pizza in taste, size or look but as I previously stated, sooo good!

  1. mallthus- I looked up the Taco Bell- very cool! I think I also found the Starbucks but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info.

    Afan- Interesting. I read it was other restaurants and then it was falling apart before McD’s bought the property.

  2. It use to be the best ribs place on all of Long Island back in the mid ‘80’s. Then they closed and sold it to Micky D’s. Been there many times.

  3. Interesting. There’s a Taco Bell in a mid 40s brick suburban home in Fort Collins, CO and a Starbucks in an 1875 miner’s shack in Breckenridge, CO.

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