Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s Ecuador!

McDonald'sDuring our trip to Ecuador, there was one place we had to visit for a meal (or two)… McDonald’s!

There was a location around 10 minutes from our hotel in Quito. During our first night in the city, we headed over for dinner.

This ended up being a big disappointment as the menu was very small and there was nothing special being offered. There was a special item at the McCafe but it was sold out. (Find out about it later in the post…)

The following morning, Lucas and I headed back to McD’s for breakfast. The Golden Arches offered so interesting options which we couldn’t wait to try.

Desayuno Criollo: Creole Breakfasta box of food with sausage and eggsFrom what I understand, criollo refers to people of European descent in Ecuador so this must be the McDonald’s version of a European breakfast…

The dish came with patacones, sausages & eggs and a drink for $4.99.

The eggs might be some of the freshest we ever had a a McD’s and we really liked the noticeable seasoning (pepper) added to them. The sausages reminded us of hot dogs, kind of. We enjoyed them and had no complaints.

The most surprising item on the plate was the patacones (fried plantains). I am not a plantain eater but these were delicious. Crispy and a bit salty with an almost potato-like texture. Lucas and I really enjoyed them!

Desayunos Criollo is a meal to share unless you’re really hungry. We’d definitely order this again.

Desayuno Deluxe: Deluxe Breakfasta sandwich on a paperThis sandwich comes in a regular burger bun. The egg is sandwiched between bacon, more bacon and another deli meat, I guess some sort of ham.a sandwich with bacon and egg This was a really good egg sandwich. The  fresh egg and the tasty meats really went well on the burger bun. Another item we’d order again.

Mini Donas de Chocolate & Chocolate Blanco: Mini Chocolate & White Chocolate Donutsa chocolate covered donut and a chocolate covered donutThe mini donuts looked like a tasty little treat. We found the chocolate variety to be pretty good and the inside a pretty good texture. The white chocolate variety was nothing special.

Envoltini de Pizza: Pizza Wrappersa food on a plateThis was the item I most wanted to try and it took three tries to find it!

I wish McDonald’s sold McPizza, this was close enough…a man pointing at a plate of foodYeah, I was happy to finally find a Pizza Wrapper!a hand holding a piece of foodWe really liked the flaky strudel shell. Insides, there was a delicious sauce with small pieces of olives and a creamy cheese.

Overall, this was one of the best international McD’s items we’ve ever come across!

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s Ecuador started out pretty disappointing. While the main menu lacks interesting and unique items, breakfast and the McCafe did not disappoint!

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