Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s Spain

McDonaldsOver February break, the Michael W Travels family visited Barcelona, Spain.

Spain was the first country I visited in Europe years back. This would be the first visit to the country for the rest of my family.

During our visit, we had to make a visit to McDonalds. We ended up stopping by during our first day…

We visit McD’s during our trips for a handful of reasons. The primary reason is to see what interesting, local menu items are available. We also go there since it’s a treat which the kids really enjoy.

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s in Spain.

Wedge Top Fries- Brava & Alioli:a food in a containerPatatas Bravas is a popular dish served at tapas bars in Spain. When I saw this dish on the McDonald’s menu, I had to order it.

I’ve had McD’s potato wedges before but I loved the idea of this option with a Spanish twist.

The dish is served with two sauces. The reddish brava sauce is something like a spicy ketchup/ tomato sauce. The alioli is similar to garlic mayo. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dish due to the brava sauce being a bit too spicy for me. The alioli sauce was tasty and enjoyable. The best way to eat these wedges is to take a little bit of both sauces with each bite.

Overall, its probably the most local dish on the menu which was nice to see.

Chicken McBites:a bag of food on a tableChicken McBites sounded like a fun little snack to try. They come served in a small bag, much like a cookie would come in.
a hand holding a piece of foodThe McBites were OK but really nothing special. The chicken was ground up, much like a typical McNugget.

I wouldn’t order this item again but it’s definitely something which is good for kids.

McCroquetas:a box of fried foodWhen I think of croquettes, I consider them an Italian snack but they also happen to be a popular item in Spain.

I don’t recall ever seeing croquettes on a McDonald’s menu anywhere before so I was excited to give the McCroquetas a try.a hand holding a piece of foodThe McCroquetas were impressive from the first bite.

The breaded outside was crunchy and the inside was a really creamy potato and cheese mixture. The ham inside had a subtle, smoky flavor.

This was an excellent international menu item which Kim, Lucas and I really enjoyed. I’d definitely order these again if they turned up at another location.

Big Creamy Cheese:a hamburger on a paperSmall McDonald’s burgers tend to be underwhelming and not very enjoyable just about everywhere. However, when I saw the Big Creamy Cheese on the menu, I was interested in giving it a try.a burger with cheese and sauce on a paper wrappera hand holding a burgerThe sandwich comes with two burger patties which weren’t very good. It’s topped with cheddar, crunchy onions and a creamy Camembert sauce.

Regardless of the blah patties, the tasty cheese sauce made this burger somewhat enjoyable. The crunchy onions while visible weren’t really noticeable.

McPops:a plate of donuts on a trayFrom the moment we saw McPops we were thinking about dessert.

McPops are filled donut holes, available in two flavors- white chocolate cream and chocolate cream with hazelnut.a hand holding a pastry a hand holding a half eaten doughnutThese little bites were really tasty and sweet. They also had a nice, soft texture which we really enjoyed.

Overall, I preferred the white chocolate option since I’m not much of a hazelnut fan. Kim and Lucas loved the hazelnut.

If the McPops were to appear on another McD’s menu, I’d definitely order them again.a boy sitting at a table with a drink and a boxAfter the meal, Lucas passed out and had to be woken up! Yes, travel can be quite tiring!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, McDonald’s in Spain was very good. I love how they offered some interesting, local menu items which you can actually get at restaurants. Out of the items we tried, two of them really stood out and I’d definitely order them again.

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