What Did We Try At McDonald’s Andorra

McDonalds AndorraDuring a trip to Barcelona, Spain the Michael W Travels also visited the small landlocked country of Andorra. (Andorra is located between Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains.)

Find out what we did with 25 Hours In Andorra.

Soon after crossing the border, we were all hungry and a McDonald’s location just so happened to be on the road we were on. Since I love to check out McD’s when visiting a new country, this was the perfect opportunity. (The following morning we also stopped into a different location for breakfast.)a logo on a windowWhen we got to McD’s, we noticed that some of the items were the same as we saw Spain. From what I could tell, McDonald’s Andorra locations had typical menu items as well as a few which are offered in Spain and France.

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s Andorra.

Camembert Melts:a box of fried chicken nuggetsI’m not really a fan of camembert but Kim & I like to try the different cheese bites offered at McD’s. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these melts were really tasty!a hand holding a fried foodThe cheese had what seemed like two textures, a gooey, melty one and a more firm top part. My guess was that the more firm part was the rind which I read was meant to be eaten with the cheese.

As for flavor, the camembert melts had a mildly sweet taste which Kim, Lucas and I enjoyed.

Overall, this was a solid item which I’d consider ordering again.

Tortilla Patata: (Potato omelette)a sandwich in a boxAfter visiting a historic site in Andorra we headed to McDonald’s for breakfast. However, it turned out that they didn’t serve a regular breakfast menu. This would end up being a good thing.

As we were about to leave, we noticed that a breakfast sandwich was available at the McCafe!

I don’t remember the exact name but the notes in my phone listed it as Tortilla Patata.

(I tried looking it up online and found that in Spain, this item was called Capricho De Tortilla De Patata. On the McD’s site, it was translated as Potato Tortilla Whim. No clue what that means!)

We didn’t expect much from this sandwich but boy did it surprise us.a sandwich in a boxHere’s how it looked when I took the top bun off.
a food in a containerThe bottom had a tasty  tomato spread and fresh olive oil (extra virgin- looked it up).a hand holding a sandwichThe bun was a bit crusty on top, inside, the bread was soft and really enjoyable.

The egg was a traditional Spanish omelette and it was really impressive! It was fresh and full of flavor. It didn’t feel like a typical McD’s rubbery egg.

No, I didn’t really want to share it, luckily we ordered two!  This item could be sold at any cafe and would not be mistaken for a McDonald’s item.

Besides the awesome omelette, what set this sandwich apart were the little touches like added EVOO.

I wish this item was sold at home- I’d visit McD’s frequently for it!

Iced Chocolate:a glass of chocolate milkshake with a spoonThe ice chocolate sounded like a tasty drink to try so I ordered one to share with Lucas and Theo.

The drink was chocolatey but not overly sweet. There was a lot of chocolate powder floating on the top which needed to be mixed in better. I was expecting a frozen blended drink but it turned out to be just a very cold chocolate milk.

I can’t recall the last time I had an iced chocolate so I don’t have much to compare it with.

We enjoyed the drink but it wasn’t anything that stood out.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s Andorra is a good option if you need something to quick to eat during your visit. While I don’t know that anything was really strictly from Andorra, the menu does have items from three countries, the US, Spain and France.

Other standout items available were Macarons and McPops (filled donut holes). We did order some of them- I reviewed these items in my France and Spain posts.

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