Do You Know About The McDonald’s McMansion In Freeport, Maine?

McMansionA couple of years back I wrote about a very unique McDonald’s location in Long Island, NY, the McMansion. Check out my review of the McDonald’s McMansion here.

Due to COVID-19, what would usually be a month-long summer trip for my family amounted to a few road trips.

We actually just back from from an awesome 11-Day visit to Maine! While there, we visited lots of interesting (primarily outdoor) sites and ate so much great food.

During a pitstop to check out the outlets in Freeport, ME, I had to stop by the local McD’s which happened to also be another McMansion!

(For those of you unfamiliar with my site- when traveling I love to check out international McDonald’s to see what interesting items might be on the menu. Visiting the Golden Arches is also a treat for my kids. Check the bottom of this post for links to some of my international McD’s reviews.)McMansionIf I wasn’t seeking out this McDonald’s, I may have walked or driven right past it. The McD’s signage isn’t very prominent on the location due to town’s rules.

Atlas Obscura writes, “The Freeport building design restrictions were strict, and the town wanted the fast-food giant to maintain the area’s aesthetic. In other words: No golden arches. McDonald’s solution? Remodel an existing structure.”a grey house with black shuttersRather than put up a new building, McDonald’s took over the Gore House which was built around 1850.a front of a building with a black doorI love the original entrance with the small McD’s name above the door. To enter this McMansion, there was another way in on the right side of the building.a counter in a buildingDue to COVID-19, we could go inside to place our order but we couldn’t really look around.

The design appeared to be nicer than your average McDonald’s but I don’t think it was as nice as the McMansion in Long Island. I’d like to check it out again when things return back to normal.a building with a parking lotFrom the parking lot side of the McD’s, the restaurant looked very fancy. If you look closely, you can see the drive-through lane further back.

Final Thoughts:

The Freeport, Maine McMansion is a very impressive building from the outside and an awesome place to house any restaurant let alone a fast food chain!

Like I mentioned above, I’d like to visit again to see more of the inside. I am curious to see if any of the original details were left intact or if it was completely renovated inside.

The Maine McMansion is located at 11 Mallett Dr in Freeport.

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