One Of The Last Original Single Arch McDonald’s Signs Is In NJ!

McDonald'sA couple of years back I read about a very special McDonald’s sign located in New Jersey.

What makes this sign so special is the rarity of its Golden Arches or shall I say Golden Arch!

The McDonald’s I am referring to has a sign with one of the last remaining original single arch signs. According to, the sign dates back to 1962!

We loved checking out a couple of McDonald’s with really interesting architecture (Long Island, NY and Freeport, ME), so we were definitely interested in seeing this rare McD’s sign!

I pinned this McDonald’s location to my map and didn’t really think much about it. On the way home from Philadelphia recently, we had to make a pitstop for gas. I opened my map and saw that this rare location was close by.

With the kids hungry and us (me) curious about the sign, we headed over to Magnolia, NJ.
McDonald'sHere is the incredible, original single arch McDonald’s sign! I took a walk around the sign to admire both sides and then I stopped to take a closer look.

There are two crests on the sign. Besides the colors, they looked to be identical, bearing the McDonald’s name.a close-up of a shielda white and red shield with a red and grey designI assume that one of the crests was restored but I don’t really know if that’s the case. However, I did learn from that these signs do feature “the family crest of Richard and Maurice McDonald“.

Talk about a cool detail! a large red and yellow sign with McDonald's #1 Store Museum in the backgroundI also learned that this original single arch sign originally had a different home. The sign was originally located in Mount Ephraim who’s location originally opened back in 1962.

The Magnolia location where the sign is now located, opened in 1996.

While the original McDonald’s restaurant no longer exists, I am really glad the the sign does! This was a very cool part of fast food history!

One more McD’s fact… claims that 7 original single arch signs still exist. I’ve read elsewhere that up to 12 may still be found around the US.

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