Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s in Baku, Azerbaijan

AzerbaijanIn the summer of 2018, the Michael W Travels family visited three countries in Eastern Europe and then headed over to the Caucasus to visit three more.

Our first stop was Azerbaijan. We spent a few days in Baku and also took a day trip outside the city.

We were curious to see if there would be any interesting items on the menu at McDonald’s so we headed over to the location in Fountain Square, just a short walk from our hostel.a tray of fast foodTo our surprise, nothing offered really seemed to have a local twist.

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Ciken Cili: Chili Chicken a menu board with images of food and drinksI don’t recall seeing a Chili Chicken sandwich at McDonald’s before so I figured it was worth giving a try. I hoped that the sandwich wouldn’t be too spicy.a chicken burger on a paper wrapperUpon opening up the wrapper, it didn’t appear to be much different than the average McD’s chicken sandwich.

Before I took a bite, I removed the tomatoes and most of the lettuce.a hand holding a burgerThe first thing I noticed when I tasted the Chili Chicken was the amount of mayo on the sandwich, there was a lot! I guess this was a good thing considering how spicy the chicken was.

At first, the spice didn’t seem bad but it built up as I made my way through the sandwich.

While I do like moderately spicy foods I don’t think that I’d want order a Chili Chicken again.

Sogan Halqalari: Onion Ringsa package of food on a tableWe were happy to see Onion Rings on the menu after having them in Greece a few months earlier.a group of onion rings in a wrapperThe onions rings looked very good, probably due to their almost golden color.a hand holding a fried foodI was immediately impressed once I took a bite. The McDonald’s onion rings were crispy and had a nice oniony flavor!

I’ll definitely order these again if they turn up on other McD’s menus.

Final Thoughts:

It would’ve been nice to see a couple of Azerbaijani- inspired menu items during our visit. How about McKebabs and McPlov? Maybe something for McD’s to think about in the future!

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