Food Quest! The McDonalds McRib Returns & It’s Awesome!

McDonalds McRibOn Wednesday, December 2 the McDonald’s McRib returned nationwide for the first time in years.

While I rarely eat McD’s at home, it’s a must-visit when visiting international destinations. I visit to check out the local items which are offered at these locations. (Check out the links below for my reviews.)

On the other hand, my kids love McDonald’s for the McNuggets and Happy Meal Toys.

I decided to treat them to Mc’Ds this past Wednesday, primarily so I could grab a McRib, a tasty and guilty pleasure I haven’t had in quite some time.a fast food box on a wood surfaceI placed my order through the McDonald’s app just to make sure the sandwich was actually available. I figured if the app didn’t have it, then I’d have to try another location. There was no issue with ordering…

I could smell the sandwich with its sweet barbecue sauce as soon as I was given my bag from the Drive Tru window and it made me hungry!

I couldn’t wait to give the McRib a try. Lucas likes trying different foods (McD’s is food, right?) so he also wanted to try the legendary sandwich that I had told him about.a sandwich in a containera sandwich in a boxI opened the container up and memories of past McRib’s came back. You gotta love the painted on grill marks on the slab of bizarre looking meat.

The roll it’s served on is soft and almost squishy, the barbecue sauce is sweet and smokey. I like the crunch that the onions add, I do request that they be added lightly. As for the pickles, I leave them off.a collage of a man eating a sandwichThe McDonald’s McRib was pure enjoyment!a hand holding a burgerOverall, the sandwich has a nice texture and excellent flavor with a good mouth feel.

Not only did I love the McDonalds McRib again, Lucas loved it too! After a bite, he asked if he could have the rest. I had a bit more and handed it off to him.

The McD’s McRib is back for a limited time, I plan to grab it once more before it goes away!

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