Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s In Tbilisi, Georgia

McDonald's GeorgiaWhile visiting Georgia, we made sure to eat lots of tasty local food. We did enjoy most of what we ate but 3 of us also caught food poisoning at the end of our stay so we left the country with mixed feelings regarding the food.

Besides eating lots of local food, we also made it a point to stop into McDonald’s Georgia to see what was offered and if any local dishes made an appearance on the menu.a tray with food and drink on it Here is what we tried at McDonald’s Georgia during our visit in the summer of 2018.

Cheese Bacon Toast:a sandwich on a tableWhen I saw a sandwich called Cheese Bacon Toast on the menu, I had to give it a try.

The sandwich is built on a hamburger bun used inside out. What’s usually the inside of the bun is toasted and then used as the outside of the sandwich. It’s filled with cheese and bacon, not a bad combination at all!a hand holding a half eaten sandwichBesides the sandwich coming apart a bit, it was very tasty primarily due to the flavorful bacon.

If I was naming this sandwich, I’d call it a McGrilledCheese. I’d order this again if I saw it on a McD’s menu.

Shrimps:a box of fried foodAt this point, I’ve had shrimps at quite a few McDonald’s locations. They’re usually a very solid option so I love seeing them at McD’s.

When I got the shrimps at McDonald’s Georgia, I felt that they were smaller than at other places we’ve had them at in the past.a person holding a piece of foodLuckily, size doesn’t affect flavor. The shrimps were fried to a nice golden color and were very enjoyable.

I’ll continue to order shrimps when I see them show up on McD’s menus.

Fun Fries:a box of french fries with jalapenos and cheeseEveryone likes to have some fun, so when I saw an item called Fun Fries being offered, I had to give them a try.

The first thing I did was remove the jalapenos so I didn’t burn my mouth. I like spicy food but not too spicy.

We found the cheese sauce to be delicious and a touch spicy. I don’t know if the spice was in the cheese or from the jalapenos being on top.

Yes, I had fun eating Fun Fries and I’d definitely order them again.

Veggie Burger:a hand holding a sandwichI don’t eat many vegetables and I don’t eat veggie burgers so this was Kim’s item to try.

Mistakenly, I didn’t have many notes about the burger but I know Kim liked it.

The veggie burger is a potato patty with lettuce, tomato and cucumber on top. I would’ve liked to have tried the potato patty without all of the vegetables on top.

Cherry Pie:a fast food container with a stick on itCherries are very popular in Georgia so Kim had to give the cherry pie a try. (I don’t eat cherries.)a hand holding a piece of foodThe pie was warm and crispy on the outside, the cherry filling on the inside was also warm.

Kim liked the sweet and tangy flavor and said she’d try it again if it was available elsewhere.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s Georgia offered some solid menu items that we enjoyed.

Besides the cherry pie, I would’ve liked to have seen some local items on the menu. Georgia has some excellent distinct food so why not show it off!

How about a McKhachapuri (we tried a version of it at a Dunkin’ Donuts) or McKninkali (kninkali are delicious soup dumplings with meat)!

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  1. Like rmah I like these posts as they provide a little insight into various places. As a side note, I’m not sure that it matters but shrimp is both singular and plural with no letter s needed at the end.

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