We Tried The New McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

McDonald's Crispy Chicken SandwichLast week I wrote that McDonald’s would be offering new Crispy Chicken Sandwiches to compete with the likes of Chic-fil-A and Popeyes.

The sandwiches debuted today, so we stopped by a local McD’s after we picked up the kids to give the new menu items a try!a screenshot of a menuMcDonald’s is offering three version of their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich. We decided to give two of them a try.a group of fast food snacksI had to taste McDonald’s Crispy Chicken sandwich I was also interested in the spicy version.

The sandwiches come packed much like the ones from Chic-fil-A and Popeyes. a two hamburgers on a plateThe sandwiches are made with all white meat chicken not the ground up mush which fills their kid-favorite McNuggets.

They’re topped with crinkle cut pickles which I left off. We did ask for some on the side for my 9-year old Lucas. The sandwich is served on a toasted and buttered potato roll.

The spicy version is the same with the difference being the Spicy Pepper Sauce.

Here are some more details about the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

Crispy Chicken Sandwich: $4.89a chicken sandwich on a metal surfaceWhen I pulled the sandwich out, I thought the bun looked pretty good, it also had a nice squishy feel to it. The chicken looked pretty good but not quite like it did in the advertising. (This wasn’t so surprising…) a chicken sandwich with a cut in halfWhen I bit in, I felt that the sandwich lived up to its name; this was a pretty crispy sandwich! However, I felt that the chicken could’ve used some more flavor or seasoning.

The most noticeable flavor was from the buttery bun. The chicken also could’ve been a bit juicier. I’d say this is decent fast food chicken sandwich and a step in the right direction for McDonald’s

Spicy Chicken Sandwich: $4.99a burger with a double layer of chicken insideThe most noticeable different between the Crispy and Spicy sandwich was the yellowy-orange sauce. One other thing I noticed was that the two chicken fillets looked a bit different in terms of their shape.a sandwich with chicken insideWhen I gave the Spicy chicken a try, I immediately felt that it was way too hot. Otherwise, this was the same sandwich!

I didn’t hate the sauce but I’d stick with the regular Crispy version if I order one of these sandwiches again.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, McDonald’s did improve their menu offerings with these new additions. However, I feel that these chicken sandwiches would definitely rank behind Chic-fil-A and Popeye’s.

Also, when it came to price, a McD’s sandwich is around $5, around the same price as Chic-fil-A. Popeye’s feels like a bargain at $3.99.

In the end, Chic-fil-A is still my favorite fast food chicken sandwich.

Find out more about the new McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich here.

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2 thoughts on “We Tried The New McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

  1. This was the worse chicken sandwich I have had. The chicken was so tough I couldn’t bite into it. Also, there was no taste to the chicken. The crispy batter was ok, but I would never spend $4:59 on this sandwich. There was nothing on it, but there were two small pickles rounds on it. It was also very small.
    I would definitely pass on this Crispy chicken sandwich.

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