Ridiculous Street Signs

I’m always on the lookout for funny and ridiculous street signs.
This is a place to check out some of what I’ve found!
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Tallinn, Estonia

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Don’t forget to drive on the left- Ridiculous Street Signs #3- Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Be careful when crossing- Ridiculous Street Signs #6- Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Check out my signs about dog fouling- Ridiculous Street Signs #7- Macau
 Have you ever heard about dog parking?- Ridiculous Street Signs #8- Munich
Beware of the Snatch Thief- Ridiculous Street Signs #9- Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Check out the first Reader- Contributed Photo- Elderly People Crossing
Grand Cayman Islands
Philadelphia, PA
Check out another Reader- Contributed Photo- Don’t Drive in Water
Isle of Capri, Italy
Providence, RI
Johannesburg, South Africa
Don’t Drive In Water- Ridiculous Street Signs #13- Moscow

Mile Run- Contributor Ridicuous Street Signs #6- Pennsylvania

Keep Off Grass- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #7- Australia

OK Meat Place- Ridiculous Street Signs #14- Brooklyn, NYScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.08.29 AM

Train Fishing- Ridiculous Street Signs #15- TokyoScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.11.04 AM

Please Sit on the Pot- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #8- GhanaScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.14.01 AM

Warning: Deer May Attack- Ridiculous Street Signs #16- Nara, JapanScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.19.02 AM

Bird Droppings- Ridiculous Street Signs #17- TokyoScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.20.46 AM

The Correct Way To Use the Bathrooms in Japan- Ridiculous Street Signs #18Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.22.45 AM

Hell- Cayman Islands- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #9- Cayman IslandsRemoval of HELL Rocks Grand Cayman Delta Points blog

Dog Fouling Is Not Permitted- Ridiculous Street Signs #19- MaltaRidiculous Street Signs- Dog Fouling Is Not Permitted- Malta

Humped Zebra Crossing- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #10- LiverpoolContributor Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Humped Zebra Crossing- Liverpool

Slang- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #11- Gothenburg, Sweden

For Payphone Faults, Please Call…- Ridiculous Street Signs #20- OmanRidiculous Street Signs #20: In Oman, For Payphone Fault, Please Call... 3

Potty Humor- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #12- Barbados

Beware Tripping- Ridiculous Street Signs #21- Yangon, Myanmar

Slippery Steps- Ridiculous Street Signs #22- Krakow, Poland

Don’t Step On The Toilet Seat- Ridiculous Street Signs #23- South Korea

Stairs Ahead- Ridiculous Street Signs #24- Queens, NY

Hot Dogs- Ridiculous Street Signs #25- Linden, NJ

Kung Fu Deer- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #14- Thailand

For Drying Hands- Ridiculous Street Signs #26- Vik, Iceland

Dog Poop- Ridiculous Street Signs #27- Tbilisi, Georgia

Forbidden To Shit Here- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #15- Togo

Jesus Is My All…- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #17- Cebu City

No Shoulder… To Cry On- Hawaii- Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #17- Hawaii


No Dog Toilet- Ridiculous Street Signs #28- Haarlem, The Netherlands

Carry Out Your Fecal Matter- Ridiculous Street Signs #29- Kittery Point, ME

Don’t Pee Standing Up- Ridiculous Street Signs #30- Bosnia

Don’t Dump- Drains To Boston Harbor- (Not So) Ridiculous Street Signs #31- Boston

Attention Beware Thieves and Pickpockets- Ridiculous Street Signs #32- Sarajevo

Bumps- Ridiculous Street Signs #33- San Pedro, Belize!

10 thoughts on “Ridiculous Street Signs

  1. Hi, just a couple of comments:

    1. The “don’t drive in water” signs are actually meant to warn motorists on embankments or piers of the danger of getting too close to the edge.

    2. “no holding hands”: All over Europe and means “no pedestrians.”

    3. The “crush hazard” sign is interesting. I’ve seen elevators in Germany and Scandinavia that are called “paternosters.” These are actually escalators that go straight up rather than a comfortable angle. It’s a series of platforms on a moving belt with an open entrance. When a platform appears, you step on it and move upward, getting off at your desired floor. These loop back down in an adjacent shaft so there’s two-way traffic. These typically hold only a couple of people and freight or luggage is frowned upon. There are no doors and they are pretty unsafe. Suppose you were drunk and fell down in front of the downward side with your head dangling over the edge. The next step to come down would decapitate you.

    Go here for great images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternoster

  2. Before calling foreign street signs “ridiculous”, you may want to consider that it’s YOU who simply misinterprets some of them:

    As for the Tallinn pic, urinating and *****ing IS a problem in a city with narrow alleys and lanes that are about 1000 years old, as it has an impact on the sandstone used to build them.

    As for Australia, the Great Ocean Road has lots of foreign visitors from countries driving on the right, so it’s a precaution…

    As for Vienna, this sign can be found in various countries where the sidewalk is divided into a pedestrian and a biker’s lane.

    As for Germany, this is the common sign for “emergency exit”, used in various countries, too.

    Maybe you should reconsider the use of the word “ridiculous” on your page… or you may risk to be mistaken for a ridiculous person, yourself…

    1. Thanks for explaining each of these signs for me. The word ridiculous shouldn’t be taken so literally and I’m sorry if it offended you but this page will continue to go by that name.

      1. These photos look interesting, ridiculous or not. As for Tallinn, I live in Estonia and I have always known that the pavement is made from slate (maybe I’m wrong) but peeing and crapping on the street is prohibited for obvious reasons. Although I am curious about the Swedish traffic sign.. You really haven’t seen that one before? It is a standard (in all Europe maybe?) traffic sign actually, people don’t even pay attention to it (when they should!).

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