Sweet Review: The McDonald’s Seasonal Holiday Pie!

McDonald'sEarlier in the month, I wrote about the McDonald’s holiday item I needed to try.

The item is a Seasonal Treat, the Holiday Pie and only available for a limited time. It also isn’t available everywhere making it potentially hard to find.

I checked the McDonald’s app and saw that the Holiday Pie was available at the McD’s close to home so we headed over to give it a try.a pie and a boxThe Holiday Pie is priced at $1.49, the same price (but 30 more calories) than the McD’s Apple Pie.

McDonald’s.com describes the Holiday Pie as “creamy smooth, vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles“.a hand holding a small brown box with a white labelI was surprised (and impressed) to see a sticker on the package with details as to when and at what time the pie would be good until. I guess McDonald’s does some quality control for freshness…a close up of foodWhen I took the pie out of its package, I thought it looked decent but a bit on the dry side. In some ways it reminded me of a Pop-Tart with some openings on top.

When we got home from McD,s our pies were still warm. This was definitely nice.

The pie’s crust had some crispiness to it and the sprinkles on top added some crunch. I would’ve preferred for the crust to be sprinkle-free, my 9 year-old Lucas liked them. The vanilla cream had a good vanilla/ custardy flavor and I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet.

One thing I noticed was a little bit of a weird aftertaste. Lucas said he didn’t notice it, maybe I’m getting too old for McD’s desserts!

Overall, the Holiday Pie is worth a try if you come across it on a McDonald’s menu.

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