Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s In Minsk, Belarus

belarusWhile we’re stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’m trying to catch up on posts I had previously planned to write…

I’ve been working on catching up on my McDonald’s reviews!

During the summer of 2018, we went on a month-long trip to Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. The first stop of this trip was to Belarus. While there we stopped into a McD’s location in the country’s capital, Minsk.

Here are some of the things we tried at McDonald’s in Belarus.

Potato Wedges:a bag of french friesI’m a fan of McD’s wedges and these did not disappoint. The potato wedges were cooked well and looked almost homemade (look at the skin left on).a hand holding a piece of foodThe exterior had a slight crispiness and the inside was nice and creamy. I’ll continue to order these potato wedges when I see them available. Yum!

Big  Shrimps:a box of fried chickenMcDonald’s Big Shrimps sure lived up to their name. Look at these fried crustaceans.

The shrimps had a nice, golden breading on them. They were also pretty crispy which we liked.a hand holding a fried shrimpI wish I got a clearer photo but you can still see that there’s a real shrimp inside, not some ground up substance.

I’ve had shrimps at many McD’s around the world and  I wish they’d start offering them at home.

Fish & Chips:a box of french fries and a bag of friesLucas loves fish sticks and was happy to see them offered on the menu in Belarus. (I think we’ve seen them offered one other time.)

A four-piece with fries cost approximately $1.50US, a real bargain if you ask me.

I tried one fish stick and would’ve liked for them to be a bit crispier. However, if they were, it’s possible the fish inside would’ve been dried out.a close up of a foodOverall, the fish sticks had a decent flavor, Lucas really enjoyed them. And as for the actual fish, it was real, not some ground up mush. You can see from the photo above the flakes of fish inside.

Filled Donut:a donut on a mcdonald's wrapperI wish that I remembered more about the donut but I didn’t write anything down in my notes.a hand holding a pastryWe stopped into another McDonald’s location in Minsk a couple of days later when Kim wanted to grab a coffee. The donut looked good so we got one to share as a little snack.

The glazed donut was topped with nuts and filled with chocolate.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s Belarus offered some solid menu items. The prices were very cheap and we enjoyed what was offered.

I would’ve liked to have seen something more so related to the country’s cuisine. How about a McDraniki (draniki is a greasy potato pancake) or McPelmeni (pelmeni are small stuffed dumplings)!

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