Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s South Africa!

McDonald'sIn August 2022, we took an almost 3-week trip to Africa. During the trip, we visited 6 countries. Sadly, only one of them had a McDonald’s.

Luckily, there was a McDonald’s a short walk from our airport hotel. We visited McD’s for dinner the night we arrived as well as the following morning for breakfast.

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s South Africa!

Big Boerie Classic: a burger in a boxBoerie or Boerewors is a sausage, usually made of beef from South Africa. When I saw this burger on the menu, I had to give it a try.

The burger features a seeded bun, Boerie beef patty, mustard, ketchup and grilled onions.

I really liked the flavors on this burger primarily from the ketchup, mustard and grilled onions. The patty had an interesting texture and a somewhat smokey flavor.

The burger was enjoyable but by the end, I had enough. I’m not sure that I’d order it again but it is definitely worthy of a try.

Chilli Cheese McFlavour Fries:a box of french fries with jalapenos and cheeseCheese fries, yes please, I just didn’t want anything overly spicy…

We removed the jalapenos and really enjoyed these crispy, flavorful fries. The sauce was nice and creamy with some heat.

This is a tasty side that we’d definitely order again.

Spar-lette Creme Soda:a cup with green liquid in itI’m not sure that I’ve ever seen green cream soda before and I still wish that I never had!

This drink was so sweet and not refreshing at all. After a couple of sips, I brought it back to exchange for something else.

Belgian Chocolate Pie:a close up of foodWarm, crispy and a really good cocoa/ chocolatey shell, this dessert did not disappoint. The insides was creamy and chocolatey. There wasn’t much not to like about this pie.

I’d definitely order this again (and probably not share next time)!

Egg McMuffin:a sandwich on a paper wrapperThis McMuffin might not look so different but it has something I don’t recall coming across before. The sandwich has a slice of lightly seasoned chicken roll! I also added some grilled onions to my sandwich.

Overall, this was an enjoyable breakfast sandwich and the chicken roll was a lighter option than a sausage patty.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s South Africa offered some interesting menu items and it was nice to see a local item like Boerewors offered. A stand out dessert and a very enjoyable order of fries made for a tasty visit!

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