$96000 for A Bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce?

McDonalds Big Mac Sauce
image: eBay

I’ve written many times about how I love to visit (and try out local menu items at) McDonald’s during our travels.

Kim sent me a story from Grub Street which made me scream out a big WHAT when I read that someone paid $96,000 for a bottle of McDonalds Big Mac Sauce in the UK!

No that isn’t a typo. $96,000 for a bottle of sauce. I don’t know if this is a real collectible or not  but either way, the price is beyond insane.

Grub Street mentions that with the Big Mac turning 50 this year, they decided “to hype the sandwich by auctioning off the first-ever bottle of special sauce in the UK“. The listing was done on eBay and it was listed as a charity auction for the Ronald McDonald House.

The listing stated that this was the only bottle of McDonalds Big Mac Sauce that’s ever been available to the public in the UK. Bidding started at £3 (about $4.33 US) and the price started soaring, ending 232 bids later at a final cost of £65,900 (around $96,000 US).

The sauce comes in a fancy black box and what Grub Street describes best as a “caulking gun” to dispense the sauce. Refrigerated delivery is also included.

The best part of the story is that a similar promo ran in Australia with 4,000 bottles of sauce for sale at $4.99 per bottle.

I actually meant to post this a while back but totally forgot to. Good thing I did as there is already an update to the story. It turns out that the big bid was a hoax according to an article on Eater.

While the almost $100,000 bid was a fake, McDonald’s is now “hoping one of the runner-up bidders will cough up the cash to snag the sauce; more than 40 other bids were placed in excess of £50,000” (over $71,000 US).

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