Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s Monaco

McDonaldsOver winter break 2018, the Michael W Travels family visited France and Monaco.

(Find out what we did with 5.5 hours in Monaco, one of the tiniest countries in the world.)

During our visit to Monaco we had lunch at McDonald’s. I had hoped to come across some local menu-items to order but we didn’t have much luck. The menu is virtually the same as at McDonald’s France, just cheaper!I read about a McDonald’s location in Monaco that was supposed to be very nice, thanks in part to the location. (The restaurant is located at Boulevard Louis II, down the stairs from the Fairmont hairpin curve.)

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s Monaco.

Chicken Bacon Onion:I had noticed the CBO (Chicken Bacon Onion) available at McDonald’s in France and was definitely interested in giving it a try. When I opened the box, one thing that stood out was the bun which is square-shaped and had little bacon bits on top.
The breaded chicken sandwich was covered in shredded lettuce & sauce, cheese, a large piece of bacon and some crispy onions.

The CBO was very enjoyable thanks to the tasty comb of… bacon and onions. The chicken was standard McDonald’s chicken from what I recall. Overall, this was a much better item than a burger from Mc’Ds.

Menu Grande Salade Crispy Mozza & Pasta:Kim ordered a salad which featured the same fried mozzarella that I had in a wrap in Paris.

Besides two pieces of fried mozzarella, the salad also contained radiatori pasta, tomatoes and a mix of different salads.

I didn’t give the salad a try but Kim said that it was very fresh and the ingredients added up to make for an enjoyable dish.

Pommes Frites Sauce and Classic Curry Sauce: Along with the deluxe potatoes and pommes- frites sauces (reviewed in my McD’s France post), we also tried the Classic Curry sauce which had a sweet and spicy taste to it. The sauce was really enjoyable and something I’d ask for again.

The Views:The best part of visiting McDonalds in Monaco was for the views!While eating your burger, you can take in great views of the Mediterranean. This is definitely an added bonus!

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s in Monaco is basically the same as a location in France. While I’m not sure what would qualify for a traditional dish from Monaco, nothing here represented the country.

While the menu was disappointing, they made up for it by offering a cheap meal option with amazing views!

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