Food Review: McDonald’s Glazed Pull Apart Donut

McDonald'sLast month, I saw that McDonald’s was offering a new bakery item on the McCafe menu.

The new pastry being offered is called the Glazed Pull Apart Donut. The pull apart is offered as part of the all day breakfast pastry offerings.

 My kids haven’t had McD’s in some time and were hungry after school so we decided to stop in. While placing the offer, I went to the McCafe menu to order Kim a coffee. I then saw the newish donut which I decided to order.a brown bag with different shapes of food on itThe new donut wasn’t cheap at $2.59. However, it seemed like a good, shareable item to try. McDonald'sWhen I took it out of the bag, I thought the donut looked good but not so fresh. The glaze covering the pull apart was also very sticky.a person holding a donutI pulled apart the first donut hole to take a look inside. Not bad.a person holding a piece of foodThen we all took a taste.

I felt that the pull apart donut tasted good but I would’ve liked a softer texture inside. My 9 year-old Lucas didn’t mind the donut but found it to be too sweet. Theo, 5 years-old said the donut was yummy and went on to eat 2-3 donut holes. Kim felt it wasn’t fresh and didn’t really love the taste.

Final Thoughts:

I found the McDonald’s Pull Apart Donut to be a decent, sweet menu option. We stopped by McD’s after 4:00PM. I wonder if the donuts taste fresher in the morning. Maybe we’ll try it again one of these days…

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