Find Out What We Tried During A Visit To McDonald’s India

McDonald's IndiaDuring the summer of 2019, the Michael W Travels family went on a four-week trip around South Asia, visiting five countries.

During our travels, we love stopping into McDonald’s to see what local/ unique menu items might be available. It’s also something our kids look forward to!

The last country we visited during our trip was India. I was definitely curious to see what was being offered at McDonald’s India!a building with a signWe ended up visiting McD’s in New Delhi, Goa and in Mumbai. (One time we went in just to grab some dessert.)a sign on a wallMcDonald’s India locations seem to be quite popular with both locals and visitors. However, there is a very big difference with their menus around the country. As you see in the sign above, “Beef/Pork And Their Products Not Sold Here.”a man waving in a restaurantI like to take photos of the overhead menus to remember what I ordered when visiting international McD’s.

At some locations, they don’t appreciate photos being taken. McDonald’s India was one of those countries. I wish I knew why. It’s not like I’m going to steal their branding or menu to open my own fast food restaurant!

Here is what we tried at McDonald’s India:

Veg Pizza McPuff:a hand holding a pizza rollI was very excited to see a pizza themed item on the menu, I just wish that the word veg wasn’t in the description!

The Veg Pizza McPuff packaging is similar to the chain’s Apple Pie. The Pizza McPuff looked very similar to the apple pie, too.

The taste had a pizza-like essence and smell more than the actual taste. There was also a touch of spice (like just about everything we ate in India). For me, there were too many vegetables inside (peas, tomato, onion & okra).

If McDonald’s had a non-veggie version of the Pizza McPuff, I’d want to order it again.

Chicken Maharaja Mac:a close up of a burgerWhen you hear the name Mac you more than likely think Big Mac.

The Chicken Maharaja Mac has two chicken patties, habanero sauce, tomato, lettuce and crispy onions. (I forgot to take a photo of the sandwich outside the wrapper.)

Before giving the Maharaja Mac a try, I removed the tomato and most of the lettuce and some of the sauce.

I found the sandwich to be very tasty thanks to the enjoyable chicken patties. The habanero sauce was really good, more like a seasoned mayo. I was disappointed to realize after that the crispy onions were not included on my sandwich!

Overall, this was a very solid chicken sandwich.

McAloo Tikki Burger:a collage of foodThe McAloo Tikki Burger is a vegetarian burger that I was actually very interested to try.

The patty is primarily made up of potato with some peas and spices. It’s fried so there’s a nice crust on the outside. I removed the tomatoes and left on the “tangy tomato mayonnaise“.

I found the patty had some heat and the tangy tomato mayo was more spicy than tangy!

While this wasn’t a bad item, I’d probably pass on ordering it again.

Chicken Strips:a chicken fingers in a wrapperTheo loves McNuggets and we expected the McD’s Chicken Strips to be a long, thin version of them. Once we tasted them, it’s safe to say that the strips were in fact a long, thin McNugget with some heat.

It’s better to stick with regular nuggets for kids if you ask me!

Chicken Kebab Burger:a collage of different types of foodThe Chicken Kebab Burger photo on the menu board looked pretty good so I had to give one a try.

The first thing which stood out was the whole wheat bun which has black and white sesame seeds on top. The off-putting green sauce is a spicy mustard and the breaded chicken patty was very tasty and a bit spicy. You can see the seasoning in the color of the chicken!

I really enjoyed this sandwich and would order it again.

Cheesy Rice Bowl:a bowl of food with a lidThis was an item that Kim ordered. I didn’t give it a try or write anything down about it.

Kim recalls it being salty and spicy. She would not order it again.


McDonald’s around India offered some tasty desserts which we had on more than one occasion!

McFloat:a cup of ice cream on a trayThe McFloat can be ordered with Coke, Fanta, Sprite or Cold Coffee.

We had Coke McFloats a couple of times and really loved it. This is a simple and refreshing item- a cup of ice cold Coke with some Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream.

If you ask me, this should be offered at McDonald’s locations everywhere in the world! I can see hacking this item at home by ordering a soda and cup of soft serve. All you need to do is scoop some ice cream into the soda and voila… McFloat!

Chocolate Brownie Sundae:a cup of brownie with chocolate in itThe Chocolate Brownie Sundae was another dessert we really enjoyed.

McDonald’s Vanilla Soft-Serve, a tasty Chocolate Brownie and Hot Fudge pair very well together. The brownie with nuts on top was better than expected, making this an excellent but heavy item.

We would order this again but it’s better if you’re sharing.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s India did not disappoint. There were a good amount of locally-inspired menu items offered not just random items added to the menu. There were so many options that we didn’t event get to give all of the items a try! Another bonus were the tasty dessert options.

Overall, McDonald’s is well worth visiting during a trip to the second most populous country in the world.

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