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Step Pyramid (Pyramid of Djoser) Saqqara, Egypt- self-shot, taken with tripod
A few years back I was asked if a photo that I posted on Virtual Tourist could be used for a member’s collection of jumping pictures. I said yes & decided to check out his collection.
Many of the shots were amazing and it looked like lots of fun so my wife and I started jumping for pictures all over the world.

On this page you will find many of my jumping pictures and links to posts that include them.

The shot that started it all! Traditional dance show- Budapest, Hungary

Check out my post Why I Started Jumping In Pictures

This shot was taken during A Visit To the Crown of the Statue of Liberty

While vising Lucy the Elephant I figured it was a great place for a jump

See a couple more jumping shots in my post Jumping at the Equator- Kenya

Jumping at the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial- Gloucester, MA

I decided to start off 2012 with A Swim With the Coney Island Polar Bears

While visiting Newport, RI I stopped to Jump At The Old Stone Mill

See more jumping pics in my post Jumping at Covered Bridges- Vermont, USA

Check out my other jump on a runway in my post JFK 5K Runway Run Recap

I thought it was a great idea to do some Jumping By The Parliament Buildings of Barbados 

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.19.32 AM

We had a really nice time at A Beautiful Beach: Rockley Beach- Barbados

It was great meeting and Jumping with the Ultra Marathon Man- Bear Mountain, NY

Check out my post where I was Jumping With The Maasai- Rift Valley, Kenya

Check out my jump by the Verrazano Bridge in Space Shuttle Enterprise…- Brooklyn, NY

See me jumping by the Little Mermaid statue in my post The Little Merman in Denmark

We had fun jumping by this Hershey Sign in Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed jumping in Bolivar Square in Bogota, Colombia

9 thoughts on “Jumping Pics

    1. Michelle C- Always fun to see other traveling jumpers! My page is in need of a major update but I do have loads of other jumping photos in posts around the blog. It really is fun to take some silly jumping photos while traveling!

  1. Your jumping collection has grown tremendously – and in such beautiful places! So proud of you jumper! Haha 🙂

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