Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s In Slovenia!

McDonald'sWhile traveling, we love visiting McDonald’s for a few reasons. It’s a real treat for the kids, its (kind of) a taste of home and I love checking out what interesting menu items are offered.

During our month-long trip around the Balkans, we visited five countries. We got to try McD’s at four of them. On the way into Slovenia from Croatia, we did a slight detour for lunch.Here is what we tried at McDonald’s in Slovenia!American Fries:

When we saw American Fries on the menu, we were definitely curious since we had no idea what an American fry was. From the photos on the display, they did look pretty good though.

The fries looked like they had a coating similar to curly fries. They were a bit on the greasy side and thicker than regular fries. The seasoning was pretty tasty too- yum!

Shrimps With Cocktail Dip:We’ve had shrimps before at many McD’s around the world.

These shrimps were a nice size and excellent, fresh, crispy and tasty. I’d definitely order these again.

Crispy Wings:Likes the shrimps, this wasn’t our first time having McDonald’s wings.

These wings lived up to their name and were crispy! We liked how they weren’t really greasy and had good flavor in the skin with a slight hint of spice.

Sauces:The Cocktail Dip reminded me of burger sauce, think ketchup and mayo. It was nice and creamy going well with the shrimps and the fries.

The Curry Sauce had excellent flavor but I’m not a huge curry sauce fan. Kim really enjoyed this.

Final Thoughts:

Our visit to McDonald’s in Slovenia was a tasty stop. I would’ve liked to have seen something more traditional on the menu but we were still happy with what was offered!

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