Find Out What We Tried At McDonald’s In Ukraine

ukraineWhile we rarely dine at McDonald’s at home, we have to pay a visit to the fast food chain in every country we visit.

It’s always fun to see what interesting menu items are offered at international McDonald’s locations.

During our visit to Ukraine, Kim, Lucas and Theo met me at the McDonalds in Kiev’s Independence Square for dinner after I got back from my trip to Chernobyl.

Here are the items we tried at McDonald’s Ukraine.

Potato Dips:a french fries in a black boxI’ve come across these potatoes in other countries and we always seem to enjoy them.a hand holding a french friesThe potatoes are crispy on the outside with a good amount of creamy texture on the inside. They also have a buttery taste. I much prefer them to regular fries.

When we see this item on a McDonalds menu, they’re a must order!

Camembert Cheese Bites:a chicken nugget in a paper coneWe’ve come across various different fried cheese options at McD’s around the world.

We weren’t sure what kind of cheese was inside so I looked it up.a person holding a piece of foodKim initially thought that it was brie, but it turned out that these bites had camembert inside.

The bites had a nice gooey texture and a mild flavor which went well with the crispy outside.

Shrimps:a fried shrimp in a green containerI’ve had various kinds of shrimps at the Golden Arches over the years. My favorites have been the shrimp burgers.a fried shrimp on a paperThe fried shrimps in Ukraine were pretty big and had a nice golden crispy outside. I was impressed with them upon first look.a hand holding a fried foodWhen I took the first bite, I was surprised by how fresh the shrimps seemed to be. Inside the breading was a nice big shrimp.

I’d definitely order these shrimps again.

Toast Cheese (Camembert McTost):a stack of pancakes on a tableI saw this bizarre looking sandwich on the menu called a Toast Cheese. When I first saw it, it almost looked like pancakes with a disk of cheese inside.

Again we weren’t sure what kind of cheese was in the sandwich so I looked it up afterwards.a hand holding a sandwichNot only did  the bread look like a pancake, it had a similar squishy texture  without the sweetness. The cheese again had a mild flavor, it turned out to also be camembert.

Overall, the Toast Cheese was a decent sandwich.

Final Thoughts:

McDonald’s in Kiev, Ukraine offered some tasty menu items. However, I would’ve liked to have seen some more traditional items offered. Why not offer McChicken Kyiv or McVareniki (kind of like a pierogi)?

Do you like to visit McDonald’s when you travel to different countries?

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