Check Out This Incredible McDonald’s In San Antonio, Texas!

McDonald'sWhile visiting Austin a few months back, we took a trip to San Antonio. At just a little over an hour away, it makes for a great day trip.

As we drove (and wandered) around the downtown San Antonio, we noticed how the shops maintained a certain style, looking like the area hasn’t changed in many years. a building with many windowsOne building which stood out was a McDonald’s. The building looked very old and more or less unchanged except for the Golden Arches in the window and a unique sign.a building with a sign on the side a red sign on a brick building This sign might not be as awesome as the single arch McD’s sign we saw in New Jersey but it’s gotta be one of the most unique!

As for the inside of this McD’s, one thing stood out.a machine in a buildingWhen we walked inside, I noticed a large police badge on the wall. I thought that maybe the building it was in was previously a police department.a mcdonald's logo on a plastic bagI asked one of the McDonald’s employees why the badge was on the wall. They thought it was just due to the restaurant supporting the police. Who knows…

Overall, this was a very cool McDonald’s to see. It might not be a McMansion (links below) but it is a very unique location!

This unique McDonald’s is located at 101 Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas.

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