McDonald’s Halloween Bucket Happy Meals Return 10/18!

McDonald'sLast week I posted how McDonald’s would be offering adult Happy Meals for a limited time.

Following up on that popular release, another Happy Meal will be arriving later this month which is bound to be very popular.
McDonald’s announced on Instagram that the Halloween Happy Meal (with a trick or treat bucket) would return on October 18!

Axios mentions that the pails return “after a six-year absence.

The buckets do double duty as the meals are served in them instead of the usual boxes and are also considered the toy.

Based on the Instagram post announcing their return, the buckets will come in three different varieties.

I was curious to find out a bit more about each of the buckets. This led me to an article from CNET. I can confirm that “McDonald’s is offering three different colors – the white ghost, orange pumpkin, and green witch, aka McBoo, McPunk’n and McGoblin,” according to CNET.

This special McD’s item will only be available from October 18 until the supples last.

These special McDonald’s Halloween buckets will be a nice surprise for my kids so we’ll most likely head over to the Golden Arches the first day they’re available. Will you?

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