This McDonald’s Hack Can Save You Money On Breakfast!

McDonald'sA McDonald’s hack posted to Tik Tok can save you money on your breakfast sandwich.

The way to save money on the sandwich comes down to one simple trick, ordering your eggs separately…

Yahoo writes that, “HellthyJunkFood details in the clip, McDonald’s sells its Sausage McMuffin and Sausage Biscuit for just $1.19. However, getting those sandwiches with eggs costs more than $3.50.”

The money saving hack can be done by ordering the cheap eggless sandwich and also ordering a folded egg on the side. The folded egg costs just $1 making this modified breakfast sandwich cost just $2.19 which is a big savings.

There is a big difference with the folded egg and the regular round egg though. Yahoo writes that, “McDonald’s folded eggs are actually a form of liquid egg, not fresh-made fried eggs. Meanwhile, the “round eggs” are fresh, grade-A eggs cooked inside a circular ring.”

I can’t recall the last time I ordered a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich at home. However, I am curious about this McD’s egg hack and am curious to give it a try at some point.

Find out more about this fast food money-saving McD’s hack here.

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  1. I usually find there is a good breakfast sammich deal available in the McD app, $1, $2 or BOGO, here in the US anyway.

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