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McDonald’s Menu Hacks Arrive On January 31!

McDonald'sMany fast food chains have secret menus. The most notable one is In-N-Out’s “Not So Secret Menu.”

Even if a chain doesn’t have a secret menu (or even if they do), some customers like to create food hacks. Our favorite fast food hack is adding Chic-fil-A Nuggets to their excellent Mac and Cheese!

Now, McDonald’s wants to capitalize on food hacks by offering a special menu starting on January 31. Continue reading McDonald’s Menu Hacks Arrive On January 31!

Hotel Travel Hacks

a gym with exercise equipment
Fitness Center @ Country Inn & Suites Tulsa Central

I love coming across different kinds of “hacks”. Whether they be useful in everyday life or to help with my travel obsession, it’s always great to learn a new trick or two.

I came across an article (with a video) from Yahoo Travel which shares a few hotel travel hacks. Only one of these tips was new to me while the other two I wouldn’t typically think of as a hack. Continue reading Hotel Travel Hacks

Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

a man with a cell phone on his earI’ve come across quite a few articles related to life and travel hacks which I really enjoy checking out. Through these articles I’ve learned some neat, new tricks while also laughing at some ridiculously funny and outrageous ideas.

I guess one person’s life hack might be another’s idea of stupidity or a good laugh!

I’ve shared a bunch of these hack articles here on Michael W Travels,  with the most recent one being about 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks. I came across this article on Buzzfeed. In the article I leaned some great tricks like wrapping shoes in shower caps and putting a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep things smelling fresh.

Continue reading Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

28 Brilliant Travel Hacks

a suitcase with shoes inside
Genius idea!

I love coming across new ways to make things in life easier. This holds true especially for travel-related situations.

Like a wise man (Benjamin Franklin) once said, “time is money”. I definitely keep this adage in mind at work and when travelling. Another thing I value is space. I think I’ve finally mastered the art of bringing just enough of what I need and not too much extra (while this is true for me, we still always bring extra stuff for Lucas). Keeping those two things in mind, I am always looking for things that will save me time and space when travelling.

In the post 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks You Need To Know For Summer Travel, I came across some new ways (and some that I’ve seen before)to help simplify things related to travel. Continue reading 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks