McDonald’s Menu Hacks Arrive On January 31!

McDonald'sMany fast food chains have secret menus. The most notable one is In-N-Out’s “Not So Secret Menu.”

Even if a chain doesn’t have a secret menu (or even if they do), some customers like to create food hacks. Our favorite fast food hack is adding Chic-fil-A Nuggets to their excellent Mac and Cheese!

Now, McDonald’s wants to capitalize on food hacks by offering a special menu starting on January 31. The thing about McDonald’s Menu Hacks is that it isn’t exactly what it seems.

With the new menu, you can order various menu hacks by name, McDonald’s will give you the items and then YOU have to put it together!McDonald'sMcD’s Menu Hacks include:

  • Surf + TurfIt’s beef. It’s fish. It’s beef and fish. This fusion of undeniable classics brings together the Double Cheeseburger and the Filet-O-Fish®. Get this menu hack only in the app.
  • Crunchy DoubleThis is the sandwich plot twist you didn’t know you were missing. Go in for the classic Double Cheeseburger taste and end up with the tasty surprise of Chicken McNuggets® with tangy BBQ sauce. Wow.
  • Hash Brown McMuffinWhy take a bite of Hash Browns, then a bite of McMuffin, when you can take a bite of both at the same time? The menu hack of Hash Browns inside a Sausage McMuffin® with Egg is a hit and a great way to start your day.
  • Land, Air & SeaCover all bases and cravings with this menu hack of a Big Mac®, a McChicken®* and a Filet-O-Fish®. It might float. It might fly. It might take a walk. Take a bite and enjoy.

When McDonald’s offered Thank You Meals for Educators back in October,  I picked up a free breakfast one time. I placed the hash brown on my breakfast sandwich not knowing this was a known McD’s hack. (It was also way too heavy to finish!)

While offering these “hacks” is interesting, it doesn’t seem like much more than a publicity stunt. To create these hacks, you can order the required items at any time. I’d like to see these special menu items come put together and not as a build it yourself.

Find out more about the upcoming McDonald’s Hacks Menu here.

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