7-Eleven $1.99 Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day- April 13!

SlurpeeEvery year, 7-Eleven has a special offer for 7/11 Day. As long as the machines work, you can get a FREE Slurpee to celebrate the convenience store’s big day.

On a hot day, a Slurpee is one of the most refreshing non-alcoholic drinks.

On April 13, 7-Eleven will be offering Slurpee BYO Cup Day!

On this special day, you can bring your own cup to the store and fill it up for $1.99!

According to an e-mail I received, Saturday, April 13th, is the day to let your creativity flow with EXTRA Slurpee drink. Think outside the cup–just make sure your vessel fits in the in‑store 10‑inch cutout!

Some Rules:

  • Offer valid only on 4/13/24
  • Limit 1 cup per person
  • Container must fit within 10‑inch cutout
  • Available while supplies last
  • Offer good at participating 7‑Eleven stores

I’d definitely like to take my kids to fill up a massive cup with a Slurpee. I’m just not sure if we have a container big enough to make the trip worthwhile. (Two of the 7-Eleven shops close to use closed over a year back.)

The other issue is that when we do go to get a Slurpee, the machines tend to be broken a good amount of the time!

I guess we’ll see how busy we are on April 13. Do you plan to take advantage of BYO Cup Day?

If you’re interested in the upcoming Slurpee promo, you can find a 7-Eleven store here.

2 thoughts on “7-Eleven $1.99 Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day- April 13!

  1. I guess I’m out of touch. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a 7-11 outside of Asia but when did Slurpee’s get to be more than $1.99 anyway? Also, they have a 10-inch cup cutout rule limit so that’s not going to be a giant cup either way.

    Sorry to sound negative. I like 7-11 and hope this is a success for them.

  2. So did you not read the 10″ cutout requirement? Whatever that means you can’t just show up with a bathtub and expect to fill it up

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