The McDonald’s Holiday Item I Need To Try!

McDonald'sI recently saw a sponsored post from the Rockettes on social media regarding a partnership with McDonald’s for a Christmas Spectacular Family Meal.

While I wasn’t interested in the meal, one item which was included piqued by interest. The item looked similar to a McD’s Apple Pie. However, this version had sprinkles on top and a custardy cream inside.

I headed over to the McDonald’s app to take a look at the menu and see if this sweet treat was being offered for sale a la carte.

I scrolled down to the Sweets & Treats section and was happy to see the item I was looking for.

McDonald’s is currently offering a Holiday Pie for a very reasonable price of $1.49.

I was curious about this menu item so I did a quick Google search. It turns out that the pie is a rare McDonald’s treat according to CNN.

The Holiday Pie has been offered in select regions around the US for the past 10 years and it’s usually not offered nationwide! I don’t recall seeing this item on the menu before so I wonder if it’s been available in the NYC area. (I’d assume it has been at some point.)

According to, the Holiday Pie has creamy smooth, vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

I plan to head over to McD’s next week to give this rare menu item a try. While there, I think we’ll also grab one more McRib before they’re gone!

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