McDonald’s Testing Chicken Big Mac In The US!

McDonald'sWhen traveling outside of the US, we make it a point to stop by McDonald’s to see what interesting menu items might be offered. It’s also a treat for the kids.

And while I rarely dine at McD’s, there might be a reason to visit in the future…

McDonald’s is set to test out the Chicken Big Mac! writes that, “starting later this month, the Chicken Big Mac will be available for a limited-time at select McDonald’s restaurants in the Miami area.”

Earlier this year, this new take on the Big Mac debuted in the UK for a limited time and “it got rave reviews from customers.”

The Chicken Big Mac includes two crispy tempura chicken patties, Big Mac sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and American cheese. Minus the pickles, it sounds pretty good to me!

If the new sandwich makes its way to the New York City area, I’d love to give it a try. Would you?

Find out more about the new Chicken Big Mag from here.

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1 thought on “McDonald’s Testing Chicken Big Mac In The US!

  1. Good article. I just checked McDonald’s website for nutritional information to see if a Chicken Big Mac is healthier. It’s not on the menu yet but I compared the Filet O Fish, McChicken, McDouble (which is similar weight as the other two), and a hamburger, which is smaller in size/weight.

    They all have lots of sodium and quite a bit of fat but the McDouble has significantly more saturated fat. The hamburger is the same as the Filet O Fish and only 0.5 g more than the McChicken owing to its small portion (3.5 oz sandwich versus 5 oz for the chicken and fish sandwiches).

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