An Awesome McDeal From McDonald’s Today!

McDonald'sWhen traveling outside the US, visiting McDonald’s is a must. I’m always curious to see what interesting and local items might be offered at their restaurants.

At home, I rarely eat McD’s but my kids definitely enjoy it. My little guy Theo could probably live off of McNuggets if we allowed it!

On the way home from dinner tonight, I remembered that there was a limited, one day offer from McDonald’s. The chain was offering a 4 piece Chicken McNuggets for  just $0.40!

The regular price is $1.00 for a 4 piece, so this was an incredible 60% off! What a steal! LOL

Knowing that Theo didn’t eat a big dinner, I asked him if he was still hungry and if he wanted some McNuggets. I got an immediate reply of yes so we headed to the closest McD’s on our route.McDonald'sHere’s our order.

I’m guessing this has got to be one of the cheapest orders ever placed through the McDonald’s App! LOL

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