Reminder: The McRib Returns Tomorrow, November 1!


Happy Halloween everyone!  This isn’t a trick, there is a treat returning tomorrow, November 1, 2021!

Just a reminder: McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib!

From my September 30 post:

Last year, McDonald’s brought back the McRib for the first time nationwide in years.

Soon after it returned, I headed over to McD’s to grab a McRib. I also wanted Lucas to give the iconic sandwich a try. Check out my review here.

Earlier today, I came across some awesome news from McD’s on Instagram. The McRib will be returning once again!

For those of you who love that sweet, smokey and saucy sandwich,  you won’t have to wait long. The sandwich will be back on November 1!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be heading to the Golden Arches to grab a McRib at least one time. Will you?

While my kids do enjoy McDonald’s, I rarely eat it. However, when we travel internationally, McD’s is a must-visit. I love to see what special and locally-inspired menu items are available.

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