McDonald’s McRib Is Returning Nationwide For First Time In Years!

McDonalds McRibI think you’d all agree that 2020 has pretty much been a a year to forget. However, there is something to look forward to next week!

The McDonalds McRib will be available nationwide for the first time in years. The cult favorite sandwich will be returning on December 2!

I had heard about the McRib’s return thanks to reports last month. Check out a post from USA Today here.

I was happy to receive an e-mail from McDonald’s around an hour back with some very big news: Save the date: This one’s kind of a big deal. The Most Important Sandwich of the Year Is Coming.McDonald's McRibThe e-mail didn’t name the McDonald’s McRib, but it didn’t mention some of the ingredients along with a photo. There’s also a Save the Date button in the e-mail which opens up Google Calendar so you can add a reminder for December 2 for the return of the McDonalds McRib!

In previous years, I’ve used the McRib locator to check if the sandwich was available.

While my kids do enjoy McDonald’s, I rarely eat it. However, when we travel internationally, McD’s is a must-visit. I love to see what special and locally-inspired menu items are available.

Check out my International McDonald’s Reviews:

We’ve also visited a couple of very special McDonald’s McMansions in the United States in Long Island, NY and in Freeport, ME.

I definitely plan to head over to McDonald’s to grab a McRib when it returns. Will you?

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