Ridiculous Street Signs: Elderly People Crossing

a road sign on a pole

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Ridiculous Street Signs photo. I’ve been meaning to do so but it’s just not that easy. You don’t just plan to find and photograph an odd or ridiculous sign- usually you just happen to come across them when you least expect it. That’s at least how it has always worked for me.

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting reader contributed Ridiculous Street Signs photos. I hadn’t thought about it in awhile, but was reminded of the idea a couple of weeks ago when I received an email. The e-mail was from my friend Rene who blogs over at DeltaPoints.

The subject of the e-mail was “a gift for your blog”. I was curious what it could be. The gift ended up being really awesome. It was a Ridiculous Street Sign photo from Rene’s recent trip to Grand Cayman.

I’ve decided to make this the first contributed ridiculous street signs photo added to
Michael W Travels.

After getting the photo I asked Rene a few questions about when he spotted the sign.

about where sign was

MWWhen/ where did you spot the sign?
Rene– Just before passing by an old folks home. (Check out the map above)

MWWhat was you and your wife’s reaction when you saw the sign?
Rene– We both giggled when we saw it. We’ve never seen it before.

MWIs there anything else of importance that you’d like to add?
Rene– Hmmmm… We did pass an old person on a bike. Rare find- I did not know old people still existed but the sign helped to point this out to us! 🙂

Well there you have it. Thanks Rene for sending in this Ridiculous Street Sign!
Check out Rene’s blog Delta Points here.

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