Ridiculous Street Signs #7- No Dog Fouling- Macau

While visiting Macau I came across a couple of signs that caught my eye. They both involve man’s best friend, the dog.
The first sign has a beautiful picture of a person watching their dog pooping (fouling). Along with it was a message of a fixed fine of MOP600 (Macau Patacas, about $75US) for dog fouling. (This was a few years back so I have no clue what the fine currently is for this offense.)

I had never heard of the term dog fouling before but I think the picture on the sign makes it easy enough to understand!

After seeing the above sign, we found out how a country solves the problem of dog fouling.
In Macau they have bathroom’s just for your dog. (W.C. is a water closet aka toilet)
To find out  a little more about dog fouling, check out KeepBritainTidy.org.

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