Ridiculous Street Signs #7- No Dog Fouling- Macau

a yellow sign with white text and red text
While visiting Macau I came across a couple of signs that caught my eye. They both involve man’s best friend, the dog.
The first sign has a beautiful picture of a person watching their dog pooping (fouling). Along with it was a message of a fixed fine of MOP600 (Macau Patacas, about $75US) for dog fouling. (This was a few years back so I have no clue what the fine currently is for this offense.)

I had never heard of the term dog fouling before but I think the picture on the sign makes it easy enough to understand!

a blue sign with a horse on it
After seeing the above sign, we found out how a country solves the problem of dog fouling.
In Macau they have bathroom’s just for your dog. (W.C. is a water closet aka toilet)
To find out  a little more about dog fouling, check out KeepBritainTidy.org.

One thought on “Ridiculous Street Signs #7- No Dog Fouling- Macau

  1. Great post. With the installation of no dog signs, we can prevent dogs from entering the special areas and zones. Thus, it is very necessary in the gardens where kids play and further make people safe from dog attacks.

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