Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #14: Kung Fu Deer- Thailand

ThailandI love coming across funny signs both at home and while traveling around the world. Most of the time these signs aren’t meant to be funny, regardless, humor can be found in them.

From time to time, I post about funny signs which I call, Ridiculous Street Signs.

A few months back, I posted about an interesting traditional hat that I came across over the summer. While in Azerbaijan and Georgia, I searched for a traditional papakha hat!

This post led to an e-mail from a reader who wanted to contribute a sign he came across in a national park in Thailand.ThailandWhen I first saw the sign sent in by Ben, it reminded me of one that I noticed in Japan around six years back. I wanted to find out more about this sign which he called Kung Fu Deer. (You gotta love the name!)

I sent Ben a bunch of questions related to his awesome sign find:

MW: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
Ben: I’m the blogger behind The Sabbatical Guide, a site designed to give people the information, tools and inspiration they need to make their sabbatical dreams a reality. I caught the bug for travel at an early age when my dad moved out to South Africa, and now builds regular ‘mini-retirements’ into my career, in which I sees the world with my wife Becca.

MW: How did you come across my street sign posts? Are you a frequent reader?
Ben: Weirdly, I came across your site, not when looking for travel, but when searching for information about Papakha hats after I saw Khabib Nurmagomedov wearing one before a UFC fight and was wondering about their heritage!
MW: Wow, talk about a cool way to discover my site!

MW: When did you spot the sign?
Ben: We were on a three month sabbatical in mid-2018, where we made up our up through Thailand, and then back down through Laos and Cambodia, before taking a train up the east coast of Vietnam, up to Hanoi.ThailandMW: Where was it located?
Ben: We saw the sign in the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. We were there for a day long hike, hence the group of people in the background sporting the ultimate fashion accessory- leech socks!

MW: What was your reaction when you spotted the sign?
Ben: We both had a good chuckle when we saw it! The antelope in Asia must be pretty angry if their first reaction is to rise up on their hind legs and kick you in the face!
MW: LOL!!!

MW: Is there anything else that you’d like to share related to the sign or Thailand?
Ben: Thailand was a breeding ground for brilliant signs! It was probably to do with the cultural differences to the UK, but we saw some crackers! Warnings about taking balloons on the Metro, ‘Cobra Crossings’ and a restaurant advertising that it sold ‘vegetarian and non-vegetarian food’ (um, so just food then!!).
MW: Awesome! Sounds like you’ve got a keen eye for ridiculous sign spotting. Maybe you can share another with us in the future!

I want to thank Ben for reaching out and sending in this awesome sign and taking the time to answer some questions related to it!

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