Ridiculous Street Signs #28: No Dog Toilet- Haarlem, The Netherlands

a man jumping on top of a planetIt’s been quite a while since I last stepped foot on a plane. The last flights I took were with my 8-year old son Lucas to The Netherlands back in February.

During the trip we stayed in Amsterdam. We also took day trips to Haarlem and Utrecht.

At the end of our visit to Haarlem, we visited the De Adriann Windmill.the netherlandsWe had hoped to go inside the windmill to check out the museum but it was late in the day and I doubted that it was open. Regardless, we walked around the river to check out De Adriann up close.a man standing in front of a windmillMy hunch was correct and the windmill was closed. From what I recall, it was only open a day or two per week.

We spent a few minutes taking some photos and checking out the grounds. While doing so, we spotted this interesting sign.the netherlandsWe founded some humor in the image of the dog with some poop on the ground. The sign (in Dutch) said “Hier Geen Hondentoilet“.

We figured the sign said something like don’t walk your dog here.

I was curious to find out what the actual meaning of the sign was. With a little help from Google Translate, I found out that sign stated “no dog toilet here”.

Dog toilet? I assume that something was lost in translation…

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