Ridiculous Street Signs # 13- Don’t Drive In Water- Moscow

a road sign with a picture of a car on the side of the road

While visiting Moscow we headed over to a small island that was the former home of the Red October Chocolate Factory complex. We wanted to check out the transformation it has been going through. The area has gone from making chocolate to an area filled with people involved in the arts. There are galleries, photographers, designers, cafes and many other businesses setting up shop there.

While walking around the area we were coming close to the inner section of the island. Across the street we noticed a very familiar sign. It reminded me of one that was posted on the blog in late January.

The second Contributor Street Signs post was sent in by Dennis, the Lufthansa Flyer.
The sign Dennis shared was taken in Italy and looked almost exactly like the sign shown above. The only real difference was the kind of car driving into the water.
Check out the post HERE and the photo below.

a triangular sign with a car falling off a cliff
Photo Credit: Dennis- Lufthansa Flyer
a street sign on a pole

I stopped for a minute or two to take a few pictures of the sign. I couldn’t imagine why it was needed or what real purpose it served. The island was pretty small so you couldn’t really speed around the area. I’d guess that anybody driving here knew not to drive into the water. Then again, this would probably be common sense to just about anyone.

a white building with gold domes and a body of water

When we got to the end of the street, there was a really nice view of a massive church. For those that do not follow the sign, this would be the last view they would get to see before driving in the water.

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