Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #5- Crush Hazard- Sweden

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Back in January I was happy to have Rene’s sign photo be the first Contributor- Ridiculous Street Signs post on Michael W Travels. He seems to also enjoy funny and humorous signs and was nice enough to send in another that he noticed while visiting his mother back in his homeland of Sweden.

I was glad to receive the photo and find out some more about the sign. I asked Rene to translate for us and also answer a few questions.

Here is the translation:
Crush Hazard (squeeze risk direct translation)
Dangerous to transport goods in an elevator that does not have an inside door or gate.

Here are a few questions that Rene answered:

MWWhen / where did you spot the sign?
Rene– Outside the elevator in my moms flat in Gothenburg Sweden

MWWhat was you and your wife’s reaction when you saw the sign?
Rene– OUCH! What a stupid way to go!

MWIs there anything else of importance that you’d like to add?
Rene– The risk is clearly real for serious injury thus the sign. My mom’s building was built in 1975 and I doubt this style of elevator would be allowed today. I have not seen this type in the states but maybe your readers have some NYC experience and can chime in!

I was curious to see a photo of the elevator but Rene did one better for us. He took a short video to show us how the elevator works.

Check it out:

Thanks Rene for contributing another funny and ridiculous sign!
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