Ridiculous Street Signs #25: Hot Dogs- Linden, New Jersey

Hot DogWhile on the way to a friend’s house in New Jersey, the Michael W Travels family decided to stop for lunch along the way.

Our food stop would be just past Staten Island, in Linden, NJ. The White Rose Diner is the kind of place where you feel like you’re stepping back in time. The most famous items on the menu are sliders and sandwiches made with Taylor Ham (a salty, porky NJ specialty).hot dogAs we approached White Rose, I spotted a bizarre sign for another specialty, the hot dog!a sign on a poleI always found it funny that the diner had placed a hot dog sign above an old phone booth with arrows pointing down. (Lucas hadn’t noticed it since he was busy playing games on his tablet.) He also sits in the backseat where it isn’t so easy to see what’s going on in front as we’re driving.

After we finished our meal, Kim went to put Theo in the car and Lucas stopped, he was a bit confused. He noticed the sign above and was trying to figure out where he could get hot dogs!hot dogWe walked a little closer for a better look as I laughed.

I explained that the sign was definitely placed in a weird spot. No, you don’t order hot dogs from the broken telephone. They’re also definitely not in the donation bin.

This hot dog sign was one of the more ridiculous ones that I’ve seen in a while due to placement.

White Rose might want to have a new sign made (to let people know that they sell hot dogs) which points towards their location and not down to a broken phone booth.

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