Ridiculous Street Signs #29: Carry Out Your Fecal Matter- Kittery Point, ME

fecal matter2020 hasn’t been a good year for travel or really anything else thanks to COVID-19.

We usually take a month-long summer trip to international destinations. However, this year we settled for a few road trips including a trip to Maine for a couple of weeks.

During our visit, we stopped at Fort McClary State Historic Site.fecal matterfecal matterBefore heading into the park, we read over the rules which were attached to a Stop and Pay sign. While reading it over, I didn’t expect to find anything of interest besides… the entry fee info…

Paying the fee was pretty much based on the honor system since nobody is there to collect the fees. Pricing is listed for Maine residents and non-residents. You place the money in a box to the right of the sign…fecal matterIf you look closely at the sign, you’ll notice that some other info was added besides the fees.

At Fort McClary State Historic Site they ask that you, “Please Carry Out Your Own Fecal Matter“.

As Lucas read over the sign, he was curious to know what fecal matter was. And after we told him, he wondered how one would carry out their own poop!

From what I recall, there were a couple of porta potties at the site. I don’t think somebody using one would be expected to retrieve their feces from there.

There were also many people at the site with dogs. I’d hope that the sign was reminding them to clean up after their pets?

Either way, it was pretty ridiculous that a request to carry out your own fecal matter was added to the sign…

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One thought on “Ridiculous Street Signs #29: Carry Out Your Fecal Matter- Kittery Point, ME

  1. That sign is sorely needed in San Francisco where the homeless have recreated the medieval smell of chamber pots being discharged into the streets each day. If you are into Renaissance and Medieval fairs, a visit to parts of San Francisco can help you recapture the medieval aroma. Whew – it is no wonder that the dark ages folk were fond of wearing long, bird beak-like masks to protect themselves!

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