Ridiculous Street Signs #30: Don’t Pee Standing Up- Bosnia

PeeIt’s been almost a year since I last posted a Ridiculous Street Sign.

We’re currently on a month long trip around the Balkans and the third country we visited was Bosnia and Herzegovina. During our stop in Jajce, we stayed in a very nice room we found on Booking.com.

Lots of Ridiculous Street Signs tend to have a similar subject matter, pee and/ or poop, just like this one…

After checking into our room, we were very confused by a sticker (sign) placed on the wall above the toilet flush button.a toilet in a bathroomWe were pretty tired from the drive to Jajce and were all very confused at what we were seeing.

Here’s a closeup.a sign on a wallApparently, it is not OK to pee standing up at this property!

We’re still confused by this. Do any of you understand what the issue is and why a sign was needed on the bathroom wall.

(It might be TMI, but the kids and I did not follow the sign’s warning! lol)

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3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Street Signs #30: Don’t Pee Standing Up- Bosnia

  1. mort- Interesting, I’ve been to every country in Europe and this is the first time I’ve ever come across this sign anywhere in the world! What you described sounds pretty disgusting! 🙂

    Nah- See above and thanks for the info! 🙂

  2. This isn’t all that uncommon across Europe, and I would argue it doesn’t really merit a “ridiculous” moniker. You’re certainly not alone, though, in disregarding these signs. From a hygiene standpoint sitting makes a lot of sense, as even the cleanliest of “standers” does spill from time to time.

    Also, while the evidence is inconclusive, it seems many physicians recommend peeing while seated for everyone, regardless of – shall we say – plumbing arrangements.

  3. These Signs are all over Europe – mostly in private homes. Many men standing up while peeing spread their pee all around that thing (even spraying the toiletpaper) and the cleaning staff or host has to get into every crack to do get rid of their pee.

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