(Not So) Ridiculous Street Signs #31: Don’t Dump- Drains To Boston Harbor

Boston HarborOver the years, I’ve shared a variety of posts about Ridiculous Street Signs.

The signs tend to be funny, interesting or just bizarre.

While visiting Boston, I came across a sign that was literally in the street. The sign about Boston Harbor (actually a metal plaque on the sidewalk) wasn’t actually funny or ridiculous. I’d consider this small sign to be quite informative.a drain grate on the sidewalkIf you look at the sidewalk in front of a drain in the street, you’ll most likely see the metal plaque I am talking about.

Here is the very important message you’ll see.a sign on the groundDon’t Dump: Drains To Boston Harbora drain in the streetWhile these signs appear to be very old, they’ve only been around for about 30 years.

The “Don’t Dump” program, “required contractors to purchase these plaques whenever they built new or reconstructed catch basins as part of a project,” according to Boston Magazine.

I’m guessing the program paid off. The water in Boston Harbor is “cleaner than it has ever been,” according to oceanriver.org.

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4 thoughts on “(Not So) Ridiculous Street Signs #31: Don’t Dump- Drains To Boston Harbor

  1. Those “Don’t Dump, Drains to [local waterway]” signs can be seen in numerous towns and cities. Many people honestly don’t understand that water from the street drains without treatment into a nearby creek, river or bay.

    One of the biggest offenses I’ve seen is someone changing the oil in their car, starting the process by draining the old oil right onto the street and curb.

  2. A lot of cities have these or at least a version of these. It makes me wonder who’s brother or cousin makes the signs that contractors are required to buy.

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