Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #15: Forbidden To Shit Here- Togo

TogoI love coming across funny signs both at home and while traveling around the world. Most of the time these signs aren’t meant to be funny, regardless, humor can be found in them.

From time to time, I post about funny signs which I like to call, Ridiculous Street Signs.

For a few years now, I’ve been a member of a Facebook group called, Every Passport Stamp. Stefan Kasokwski of Rapid Travel Chai is the founder of the group which is described as, “For serious travelers chasing every country in world. Discussions to make it possible. Friends to share the journey.”

A recent post in the group about Funny/ Interesting Signs led to a thread with lots of comments and sharing. Thanks to this, I came across a pretty incredible sign from Furkan Javaid.

FJ thought it would be fun to share his photo “Forbidden To Shit” from Togo.TogoWhen I first saw the sign, it reminded me of quite a few that I’ve seen related to a very popular topic- poop! (Check out my posts from Tallinn, Ghana, Japan and Georgia.)

I had to find out more so I sent FJ a bunch of questions related to this incredible find:

MW: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
FJ: I’m a former telecoms executive, now a 52 year old grad student from London, England. (Pakistani dad, Kenyan mom- bit of a mutt.) I’ve been to 143 UN countries + 15 territories

MW:  When did you spot the sign?
FJ: 2009

MW: Where was it located?
FJ: I spotted it on the Lomé to Kpalime road in Togo

MW: What was your reaction when you spotted the sign?
FJ: I was like- gosh you don’t see that every day! I just had to get a pic!

MW: Is there anything else that you’d like to share related to the sign or Togo?
FJ: Togo is a small country and unless you’re literally going to just to see the capital, Lomé, it’s highly likely you’ll find yourself on the road to Kpalime. As you leave Lomé , this sign will be on your left hand side. Kpalime is where the decent hiking is. The main calling card is forests full of butterflies. On a good day you get swarmed.

I want to thank Furkan for sending me this awesome sign and taking the time to answer some questions to tell us more about it!

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2 thoughts on “Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #15: Forbidden To Shit Here- Togo

  1. Lol! Thanks Michael for posting this! I’ve shared your link with my three travelling companions from that trip who are now in Sweden, UAE and England. I expect this will be further forwarded!

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