Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #17: No Shoulder… To Cry On- Hawaii

HawaiiI love coming across funny signs both at home and while traveling around the world. Most of the time these signs aren’t meant to be funny, regardless, humor can be found in them.

From time to time, I post about funny signs which I like to call, Ridiculous Street Signs.

Recently, Benjamin Sands shared a sign with us, Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #16: Cebu City- Jesus Is My All

He was kind enough to follow up that gem with another awesome sign. I’m pretty sure this makes Ben the first person to contribute two signs to my collection!

Check out a sign that he came across in Hawaii: No Shoulder… To Cry on!a yellow sign with black textMW: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

BS: My name is Benjamin Sand. I’ve visited 90 UN & 102 UN+ countries and lived in 10 different countries. I’ve traveled for approximately six months every year for the past two decades. I’m half Finnish, Norwegian, born in England and grew up in India.
MW: How did you come across my site? street sign posts?
BS: We met through our mutual appreciation of pizza while I watched your Every Passport Stamp Facebook interview.
MW: When did you spot the sign?
BS: The sign was spotted in February 2017
MW: Where was it located?
BS: This sign was taken whilst on a road trip around the North part of the island.
MW: – What was your reaction when you spotted the sign?
BS: Maui: DUDE! STOP THE CAR… and then ran out to take the shot.
MW: Is there anything else that you’d like to share related to the sign or Hawaii?
BS: Travel with your eyes wide open.
I want to thank Ben for sending me another photo of one of his sign find! I also appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions to share some details about it.

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