Ridiculous Street Signs #8- Dog Parking- Munich, Germany

a sign on a concrete wall
While wandering around Munich I came across this sign and could not figure out what it meant. 
Usually a sign with a capital P lets you know that you are at a parking garage. The picture of the dog threw me off. Was this a garage to park your dog at?
I went to Google Translate for help and found out that Hunde-Parkplatz means Canine Parking.
Apparently in Germany there are not only parking spaces for your car,  they also provide parking for your dog!

One thought on “Ridiculous Street Signs #8- Dog Parking- Munich, Germany

  1. Dog Parking is quite common in German-speaking countries, especially outside of grocery stores. When people go for errands, they would often take their pets along for a walk. Before entering a store, they must tie their pet’s leash to a designated post. The dogs are invariably well behaved, and wait patiently for their owners. Sometimes passers-by would greet or lightly pet a waiting dog. The latter would only nod politely — never jump, bark, slobber, or even lick a stranger.
    -Edward M.

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