Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Watch For Gate Arm: Philadelphia

While walking to the Megabus stop to catch our ride back to NY (from our Quick Trip to Philly), my brother and I walked through a parking lot to save a little time. As we were approaching the exit a sign caught my eye. My brother kept going and probably didn’t even notice that I had stopped for a moment.

I had to think fast. I thought for a moment whether or not this sign was worth taking a photo of.

I decided to take the shot.
When I got home I was looking through my photos from our visit to Philly. At the end I came across the photos of the sign and was glad that I stopped for a moment to take it.
The sign was pretty ridiculous. Who needs a reminder to watch for the gate when walking through a parking lot? I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard a case of someone getting hit by one.
Then again, you never know…
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